Calling It An ‘Outrage’ The Crime Still Exists, Attorney General Josh Kaul Aims To Ramp Up Efforts To Combat Human Trafficking

May 23, 2019

Attorney General Josh Kaul aims to ramp up Wisconsin’s efforts to combat human trafficking, calling it “an outrage” the crime still exists.

“There’s both sex trafficking and forced labor,” Kaul said in an interview with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. “This is a crime where people have been forced or coerced into engaging in an illegal activity.”

Kaul has requested six additional positions at the state Department of Justice that would be involved in human trafficking investigations.

Four of the new positions would join the agency’s digital forensic unit, which is focused on recovering evidence from electronic devices, such as cellphones and computers. Those new staffers, known as digital forensic examiners, would assist law enforcement agencies around the state.

“People involved in all sorts of crimes use electronic devices, just like everybody else,” Kaul said. “Being able to recover evidence from those devices helps with all sorts of investigations, including human trafficking investigations.”

Another two positions would be added to the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force in an effort to “ensure prompt referral and investigation of tips” received from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. They would also help with case follow-ups and tracking to make sure investigations are promptly completed.

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