Men Against Human Trafficking

February 10, 2020

Human trafficking isn’t just a Milwaukee problem, it’s a global issue. The Polaris Project reported that in 2016, 40.3 million people were victims of human trafficking throughout the world. The Medical College of Wisconsin found that 340 individuals were believed to be victims of sex trafficking in Milwaukee between 2013 to 2016.

When a person is trafficked, they may be trapped in forced labor, forced to perform sexual acts and more. According to the Polaris Project, 25 percent of victims are children and 75 percent are women and girls. While men aren’t often the targets of human trafficking, one group is taking a stand against it.

The Convergence Resource Center, a faith-based nonprofit organization, offers support to men and women who have experienced trauma. The goal is to help them rebuild their lives and there’s a specific focus on helping women and female survivors of human trafficking.

As part of its efforts, the Convergence Resource Center created HEMAD or Human trafficking Educators working with Men and boys to stand Against the Demand. The campaign is specifically aimed at men with the intention being that men sign up to take the pledge against human trafficking.

According to the press release, last year 3,000 men took the pledge and this year its goal is 6,000.

“We’ve had men from throughout Wisconsin, the Midwest and as far away as Florida take the pledge,” said Debbie Lassiter, executive director of Convergence Resource Center.

To read the full article by Ana Martinez-Ortiz on The Milwaukee Courier: Click Here

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