Uber Rides And Your Safety: How The Rideshare Company Is Helping Fight Carjackings, Sex Trafficking

May 11, 2021

CHICAGO (WLS) — It could be a local driver who’s a victim of a carjacking or a rider at risk of human trafficking. In an ABC7 exclusive interview, an Uber Security expert explains to the I-Team how its own security experts work with police, and how the app’s technology can keep you safe.

Uber told the I-Team its hired law enforcement experts like former Chicago-based U.S. Secret Service Agent Billy Kewell to help police catch suspected criminals.

“If there’s a crime associated with the Uber platform, now you’ve uploaded information, right? Since you’ve used it to commit a crime, you’ve now uploaded, you know, account identifiers, so to speak, that then law enforcement can use to apprehend and locate suspects related to these crimes,” Kewell said.

Those crimes could include human trafficking and carjackings.

Read the full story by Jason Knowles and Ann Pistone on ABC 7 Chicago.