Pope Calls On Young People To Fight Trafficking By Promoting Dignity

April 4, 2023

Young people must be “missionaries of human dignity” to fight human trafficking and all forms of exploitation, Pope Francis said.

The pope’s message for International Day of Prayer and Awareness against Human Trafficking, observed Feb. 8, was directed to young people. He encouraged them to build their own sense of dignity and care for the dignity of every person they meet.

“Human trafficking disfigures dignity. Exploitation and subjugation limit freedom and turn people into objects to use and discard,” he said in his message. “Unfortunately, trafficking is growing to a worrying extent, affecting primarily migrants, women and children, young people like you, people full of dreams and the desire to live in dignity.”

For the first time since the day of prayer was established by Francis in 2015, young representatives of anti-trafficking organizations around the world gathered in Rome to participate in training sessions on how to better prevent human trafficking. Talitha Kum, an umbrella network of religious sister-led anti-trafficking organizations, coordinated the training.

The 15 representatives of young people aged from 18 to 35 years old were scheduled to participate in an ecumenical prayer vigil in Rome Feb. 6 as well as an online pilgrimage of prayer and awareness Feb. 8 with participants from 50 countries and all continents.

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