Pope: “God bless those who work to fight against trafficking”

August 13, 2023

During the Sunday Angelus, Pope Francis recalled that on this day, July 30, we observe two World Days declared by the United Nations. The first, International Friendship Day underscores the importance of friendship between peoples and cultures, he noted.

The second theme marks the World Day Against Trafficking in Persons that aims to stop “the crime that turns people into commodities,” said the Pope.

“Trafficking is a terrible reality, affecting too many people: children, women, workers…, so many exploited people; all living in inhuman conditions and suffering indifference and rejection by society.”

The Pope pointed out how today the crime of human trafficking is so widespread in our world. He praised those working in this area and their assistance to the victims.

“God bless those who work to fight against trafficking.”

The theme of the July 30 World Day Against Trafficking in Persons is Reach every victim of trafficking, leave no one behind. The annual UN Day aims to raise awareness of the troubling developments and trends in this area, and calls on governments, law enforcement, public services, and civil society to assess and enhance their efforts to strengthen prevention, identify and support victims, and end impunity.

Pope Francis has spoken out strongly on the scourge of this reality often in the past, saying that “Human trafficking disfigures dignity. Exploitation and subjugation limit freedom and turn people into objects to use and discard. And the system of trafficking profits from the injustice and wickedness that oblige millions of people to live in conditions of vulnerability.”

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