Ending Human Trafficking Starts With Education

Since our founding, the Alliance to End Human Trafficking has envisioned and worked toward a world in which this affront to human dignity ceases to exist. We know that ending exploitation first begins with education and awareness. We concentrate our activities on prevention strategies and education on how to end the demand for human trafficking of every kind by addressing its root causes. Will you join us in this work?  Our powerful messaging and widespread resources shed light on the horrors of human trafficking that often hide in plain sight. By educating communities on what human trafficking is, where it hides, and how to stop it, we help prevent people from becoming victims.

“What Would You Do?” Human Trafficking in Video Contest Award Winners

The results are in! The St Bakhita Human Trafficking Youth Video Screening and Award winners have been selected. We’ve set up a YouTube playlist of the three award winners and two honorable mentions.

Red Sand Project: Art and Human Trafficking

Alliance to End Human Trafficking hosted a webinar to learn more about spreading awareness about Human Trafficking & Art webinar. Founder Molly Gochman of Red Sand Project shares how sidewalk interventions and earthwork installations create opportunities for people to question, connect and take action against vulnerabilities that can lead to human trafficking. Learn about this unique way to bring light to the crime of human trafficking.