Human Trafficking and AEHT FAQs

Human Trafficking FAQs

What is Human Trafficking?

What Are the Major Types of Trafficking?

Why Are so Many People Caught up in Human Trafficking at This Time in History?

Where Is Human Trafficking Most Prevalent?

Is Human Trafficking a Problem in the United States?

Currently, How Many People Are Being Trafficked in the United States?

What Is the Role of Government in Ending Human Trafficking?

Does Business Have a Role to Play in Ending Human Trafficking?

What Can I Do to Address the Crime of Human Trafficking?

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How Did Catholic Sisters Get Involved in Work to End Human Trafficking?

In What Kinds of Ministries Are U.S. Catholic Sisters Involved That Address the Crime of Human Trafficking?

Are You Connected to Any International Groups Working to Resolve the Problem of Human Trafficking?

Where Can I Find More Information about the Anti-Trafficking Work of Catholic Sisters in the U.S.?