Informes sobre la trata de personas

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American Psychological Association

The Report of the Task Force on the Trafficking of Women and Girls

Covenant House

Two Groundbreaking Studies of Covenant House Youth by The Field Center for Children’s Policy, Practice & Research and the Loyola University Modern Slavery Research Project.

2017: Labor and Sex Trafficking Among Homeless Youth


2020: How Sexual Crimes Against Children Have Changed Over Time

2017: No Vacancy for Child Sex Traffickers Impact Report

2016: Every child has the right to grow up in a world where he or she is free from being bought, sold or used for sex. While the U.S. has made great strides, it continues to fall short in some areas. A collaborative report on how we can better protect children in our country. ALTERNATIVE REPORT: An NGO Response to the Periodic Report of the United States of America to the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child Concerning the Optional Protocol to the Convention on the Rights of the Child on the Sale of Children, Child Prostitution and Child Pornography

2016: Terminology Guidelines for the Protection of Children from Sexual Exploitation and Sexual Abuse

2016: Global Study On Sexual Exploitation Of Children In Travel And Tourism

2016: Global Study On Sexual Exploitation Of Children In Travel And Tourism Regional Report: North America

2016: Expert Paper – A Guide To Megan’s Laws: Prevention Of Domestic And International Sexual Exploitation Of Children By The Honorable Chris Smith, Member Of Congress, United States Of America

2016: Expert Paper Carlson’s Leadership In The Prevention Of Human Trafficking

2015: Prevention, Protection and Partnerships

2013:  And Boys Too—A discussion paper about the lack of recognition of the commercial sexual exploitation of boys in the United States

Global Modern Slavery Directory

Global Modern Slavery Directory: the first-of-its-kind publicly searchable database of over 770 organizations and hotlines working on human trafficking and forced labor.

ILO Report on Labor Trafficking

June 2021: Child Labor: Global Estimates 2020, Trends and the Road Forward

July, 2020 Covid-19 and Child Labour: A Time of Crisis, A Time to Act

November, 2019 Joint Statement ILO, OECD, IOM and UNICEF – Child Labour and Human Trafficking Remain Important Concerns in Global Supply Chains

Report in English: Ending child labour, forced labour and human trafficking in global supply chains

Rapport en français : Mettre fin au travail des enfants, au travail forcé et à la traite des êtres humains dans les chaînes d’approvisionnement mondiales

Informe en español: Erradicar el trabajo infantil, el trabajo forzoso y la trata de personas en las cadenas mundiales de suministro


International Institute for Environment and Development and Anti-Slavery International

2021: Climate-Induced Migration and Modern Slavery


Shared Hope International

2018: Seeking Justice: Legal approaches to eliminate criminal liability for juvenile sex trafficking victims is a comprehensive resource for understanding the various statutory approaches states have taken to eliminate a minor’s criminal liability for prostitution and other offenses related to their victimization. This report also examines the importance of incorporating a trauma-informed service response.

November 2016: Protected Innocence Challenge Toolkit 2016: Building a Legal Framework of Protection for the Nation’s Children.

The Advocates for Human Rights

2016: Asking The Right Questions: This report documents the problems of labor trafficking and labor exploitation in Minnesota. Their recommendations for human rights conditions for workers are broadly applicable throughout the U.S.

Executive Summary

U.S. Department of Justice

The Office for Victims of Crime, within the DOJ, developed a video series to help raise awareness of human trafficking among social, legal, and health-care service providers; law enforcement; related professionals; and other community members. The nine-part series includes information about sex and labor trafficking, multidisciplinary approaches to serving victims of human trafficking, effective victim services, victims’ legal needs, and voices of survivors. Spanish subtitles are available for each video, and each also is accompanied by a discussion guide.

Also available are four posters targeting specific audiences and four factsheets providing an introduction to human trafficking, information on the legal needs and rights of victims of trafficking in the United States, information on special considerations and needs of youth victims, and promising practices for building effective collaborations to address human trafficking.

To access the video series, factsheets, posters: Click Here.