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Sisters Inspire, Help Fund App Used In Anti-Trafficking Work

It began with a request from the Sisters of St. Joseph Federation, who wanted to ensure their 2008 national gathering was ...

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Network’s 50th Anniversary Gala Shows How The Group Will March Into The Future

I’m old enough to remember the beginnings of Network. I was in graduate school, going on peace marches and wearing “Boycott ...

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Act Locally To Help Break The Chains Of Human Trafficking

Chains. People locked “together with the weight of an ox-chain in the beating sun forced to walk the distance to ...

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A Conversation on Anti-Human Trafficking

Sr Gabriella Bottani and Sr Jean Schafer in conversation together remind us that human trafficking is real and happens in every corner of the globe.

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Anti-Trafficking Advocates Warn That Pandemic Is Increasing Human Trafficking

Those involved in efforts to end human trafficking fear that the global pandemic and resulting lockdowns are increasing the numbers ...

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Anti-Trafficking Action Feels Like Joining A Wave

I have been enthralled to read the articles about sisters throughout the world who are on the frontlines of fighting ...

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Mercy Sister To Talitha Kum: Uphold Human Rights To Combat Trafficking

ROME — Australian Mercy Sr. Angela Reed recalled a survivor of trafficking in the Philippines who said to her, “You know, Sister, there ...

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Trafficking Calls For Action From Us All

In 2004, for the first time, I met prostituted women who had survived and were moving successfully into recovery. I ...

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