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ECPAT Awards Recognize Human Trafficking Heroes

Brighton, MI – The ECPAT-USA Awards were held recently in New York City to celebrate individuals who work to combat child ...

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Pope Renews Calls For End To Human Trafficking

Pope Francis joined religious and world leaders in calling for an end to human trafficking on 30 July, the World ...

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Catholic Nuns Doing ‘Very Hidden Work’ Are Stopping Pimps And Saving Children

GUWAHATI, India — Sister Rose Paite stepped inside this sprawling city’s main train station and scanned the crowd. She often ...

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Women’s Equality and Human Trafficking

This excerpt is from the Talitha Kum Assembly’s Final Declaration. To read our full declaration: Click Here First priority: The ...

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Nuns’ Global Anti-Trafficking Network Must Have More Support, Pope Says

VATICAN CITY — Pope Francis called on more religious orders of men and women, as well as foundations and benefactors, to ...

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Pope Commends Nuns For ‘Standing On Front Line’ Against Human Trafficking

Speaking to a network of religious sisters that helps human trafficking victims, Pope Francis on Thursday told them to work ...

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Anti-Trafficking Action Feels Like Joining A Wave

I have been enthralled to read the articles about sisters throughout the world who are on the frontlines of fighting ...

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Mercy Sister To Talitha Kum: Uphold Human Rights To Combat Trafficking

ROME — Australian Mercy Sr. Angela Reed recalled a survivor of trafficking in the Philippines who said to her, “You know, Sister, there ...

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Talitha Kum: 10 Years Of Hard Work Against Human Trafficking

Talitha Kum’s General Assembly takes place from 21 to 27 September. It sees the participation of 86 delegates from 48 different nations ...

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