Inside Look At How A Hotel Giant Is Preventing Sex Trafficking

June 17, 2019

The front line of stopping sex trafficking could be at the front desk. Soon, the state may require all hotels to train their staff to recognize the signs of a trafficking victim. But the world’s largest hotel chain is not waiting.

Over the past two years, Marriott International has trained 600,000 employees on how to spot the signs of human trafficking. All new hires are taught these signs as well. And there are posters to remind employees and raise awareness.

For example, behind the postcard-picture view from the J.W. Marriott Resort on Marco Island is an undercurrent of vigilance to prevent human trafficking.

Tu Rinsche, the global director of social impact for Marriott International, said every department in the hotel has different types of signs to look for.

“It’s definitely not just one sign that leads to trafficking,” Rinsche said.

Sharon Lockwood, general manager of the J.W. Marriott on Marco Island, said there are several signs that can catch her attention. Some guests may seem disoriented or malnourished, wearing the same clothes day after day. Or the trafficking victim could have multiple bruises in different stages of healing, avoids eye contact or cannot speak freely.

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