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City of Chicago and Phanke Chicago Announce “It’s Wrong, Know Your Rights” Campaign

The City announces its first-ever campaign to raise awareness and fight human trafficking and exploitation

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Houston Now Requires Hotels To Train Employees To Spot Human Trafficking

Houston hotels and motels must train their employees on how to spot human trafficking and contact law enforcement under an ...

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Lawsuit Claims Detroit, Ann Arbor Hotels Ignored Signs Of Human Trafficking

A lawsuit laid out grisly details. The survivor in this lawsuit was 17 years old when she was first kidnapped (by a stranger at school), driven to a hotel and imprisoned there. Her story is not unique. The lawsuit contends that there are 1,500 human trafficking victims pointing the finger at 12 of the nations largest hotel chains, saying they should have seen the signs of trafficking going on right under their nose and done something to stop it.

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A Pioneering Ohio Courtroom Helps Trafficking Victims Find Hope

A diversion program for victims of human trafficking is spreading to cities around the country. The model has roots in ...

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