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October, 2022 Monthly Reflection

How Bad Can a Chocolate Pumpkin Be? Jeanne Christensen, RSM The Catholic Health Association has a spring campaign called “How ...

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Nestle and Cargill Claim Right to Profit from Child Slavery Without Accountability

Food giants tell Supreme Court that corporations cannot be held liable for child slavery in cocoa fields

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Think Before You Buy That Valentine’s Chocolate: Child Labor and Slavery is Still a Huge Issue

Over half of the world’s cacao is harvested from the neighboring West African countries of Côte D’Ivoire and Ghana. A 2013 study led by Tulane professor William Bertrand estimated there were approximately two million children working in the chocolate industry, as young as five years old. One in five children was under the age of 12.

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August, 2019 Monthly Reflection

Better Companies, Better World Linda Haydock, SNJM To change corporate business practices on human trafficking is a long-term, demanding, and ...

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