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FBI Working To Protect Children From Human Trafficking

The FBI said that parents need to have open and honest communication with their kids about the dangers that going online can pose.

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Texas Bill Aims To Crack Down On Human Trafficking By Using ATMs

AUSTIN, Texas (KWTX) – State lawmakers have proposed legislation in Austin have proposed a bill that would crack down on ...

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How Do You Teach About Human Trafficking?

For one social work professor and her two co-authors, it required writing their own textbook, which won UT’s Hamilton Book Award.

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Potato Slaves: The Cost of an H-2A Visa in Texas

Workers at a potato processing plant in Texas face abuse by their employers but choose to stay silent out of ...

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Local Human Trafficking Morphs In Face Of Pandemic, Affecting Kids At Home

Experts warn parents, "watch what your child is doing online"

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Houston Now Requires Hotels To Train Employees To Spot Human Trafficking

Houston hotels and motels must train their employees on how to spot human trafficking and contact law enforcement under an ...

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How Important Is Clemency For Trafficking Victims? Let One Tell You

Readers of this newspaper and its editorials will know the name Robbie Ann Hamilton. On Jan. 11, Human Trafficking Awareness Day, Gov. Greg Abbott ...

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Three National Hotel Chains In Houston Sued For Promoting Sex Trafficking

Three sex trafficking victims have sued three major hotel chains in parallel lawsuits, claiming that the companies exercised gross negligence about on-site prostitution at Houston branches despite corporate policies that promote social responsibility.

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Sex Sells, But In Dallas, Police Are Relaunching The Vice Unit With A New Approach To Human Trafficking

A law enforcement official recently told us, in stark terms, what the reality is for victims of human trafficking here ...

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