AEHT Modules

Our human trafficking modules are short to-the-point educational resources which help to break open a single aspect of Human Trafficking.

Sexual Exploitation of Children on Social Media (English)

Sex Trafficking of Native Americans, Indigenous, First Nations People (English|Spanish)

Intersectionality of Human Trafficking with Migrants, Refugees and Internally Displaced People (English|Spanish)

Human Trafficking and Labor (English|Spanish)

Human Trafficking and the Objectification of Women (English|Spanish)

Root Causes of Human Trafficking (English|Spanish)

Reducing the Demand for Human Trafficking (English|Spanish)

Poverty and Human Trafficking (English|Spanish)

Human Trafficking and Pornography (English|Spanish)

Human Trafficking for the Purpose of Organ Removal (English|Spanish)

Human Trafficking and Major Sporting Events (English|Spanish)

Human Trafficking and Children (English|Spanish)

Human Trafficking and Environmental Refugees (English|Spanish)

Human Trafficking and Violation of Human Rights (English|Spanish)

Human Trafficking and the LBGTQ+ Community (English)

Human Trafficking of Men and Boys (English)

Prison Ministry Brochure

View our helpful brochure on human trafficking and the prison system. (English|Spanish)

Other Education Modules

Catholic Relief Services (CRS)

Catholic Relief Services has seven modules of curated human trafficking resources developed in collaboration with the University of Notre Dame for use by University faculty and students. The modules include learning objectives, case studies, videos, and discussion questions, while content explores complex root causes, current manifestations, and effective response to the issue.

• CRS Course Materials

Catholic Health Initiatives (CHI) 

• Addressing Human Trafficking in the Healthcare Setting

This video course helps heath care providers identify, access and respond to suspected victims of human trafficking.

• Human Trafficking: Understanding a Complex Issue

This video profiles one victim’s situation from struggle to hope and the role she now plays on a national level in combating human trafficking.

Center of Concern

The Education for Justice Project from the Center of Concern has released educational resources on human trafficking. These include an anti-trafficking video entitled I Am Miriam; a prayer service on the life and witness of St. Josephine Bakhita; and several other resources.

To access these resources: Click Here